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Featured deals

The following is a sample of current deals by Generational Group.

Concrete Construction Services Subcontractor
  • Client Number 61421
  • EBITDA $7,700,000
  • Revenue $43,000,000
  • Region Mid-Atlantic U.S.
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New Car Dealership Group
  • Client Number 55459
  • EBITDA $6,000,000
  • Revenue $130,000,000
  • Region Northwestern U.S.
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Subflooring Company
  • Client Number 61119
  • EBITDA $6,000,000
  • Revenue $23,500,000
  • Region Southwestern U.S.
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Telecommunications and Electric Distribution Engineering Firm
  • Client Number 58229
  • EBITDA $5,500,000
  • Revenue $19,300,000
  • Region Southern U.S.
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Leading Construction Framing Contractor
  • Client Number 59126
  • EBITDA $5,089,000
  • Revenue $33,000,000
  • Region Western U.S.
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Full-Service Commercial Glass and Glazing Contractor
  • Client Number 60357
  • EBITDA $5,000,000
  • Revenue $23,600,000
  • Region Southeastern U.S.
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Comprehensive Procurement Services specializing in the Hospitality Ind
  • Client Number 60175
  • EBITDA $4,700,000
  • Revenue $148,000,000
  • Region U.S.
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Full-Service Commercial Snow & Ice Removal Contractor
  • Client Number 60700
  • EBITDA $4,300,000
  • Revenue $9,500,000
  • Region Midwestern U.S.
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Civil, Environmental, Construction Management
  • Client Number 61489
  • EBITDA $3,700,000
  • Revenue $26,000,000
  • Region New England U.S.
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Leading Helicopter Tour Operator
  • Client Number 61051
  • EBITDA $3,574,000
  • Revenue $10,600,000
  • Region Western U.S.
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