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The following is a sample of current deals by Generational Group.

Brand Name Hair and Beauty Product Manufacturer / Retailer
  • Client Number 66643
  • EBITDA $5,000,000
  • Revenue $23,000,000
  • Region Northeastern U.S.
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Recession-Resistant Business Services & Cost Reduction Consulting Firm
  • Client Number 67636
  • EBITDA $7,142,000
  • Revenue $19,300,000
  • Region Southern, U.S.
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General Construction: Multi-Family Residential, Commercial, & Tenant
  • Client Number 67709
  • EBITDA $5,000,000
  • Revenue $61,500,000
  • Region Western U.S.
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Turnkey Industrial Contractor - Highly Diversified Services
  • Client Number 67684
  • EBITDA $14,000,000
  • Revenue $138,000,000
  • Region Eastern U.S.
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Highly Profitable Nail Care Brand
  • Client Number 67129
  • EBITDA $5,000,000
  • Revenue $27,000,000
  • Region U.S.
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Heavy Industrial Equipment Dealer
  • Client Number 66806
  • EBITDA $5,491,000
  • Revenue $36,000,000
  • Region Canada
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Retirement Planning Firm with Proprietary Software
  • Client Number 65388
  • EBITDA $5,750,000
  • Revenue $19,000,000
  • Region Western U.S.
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Leading Industrial Coating Specialist
  • Client Number 65742
  • EBITDA $10,636,000
  • Revenue $45,500,000
  • Region Canada
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Full Service Multi-Family General Contractor
  • Client Number 67549
  • EBITDA $12,172,000
  • Revenue $121,600,000
  • Region Southern U.S.
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Critical Equipment and Proprietary Software for Oil Field Companies
  • Client Number 67077
  • EBITDA $6,000,000
  • Revenue $18,000,000
  • Region Canada
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