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We ensure that every privately-held business we work with is buyer ready, complete with the most detailed and extensive documentation available and represented by some of the most experienced and capable dealmakers in the industry. Our clients represent a diverse selection of opportunities from almost every industry in North America. To explore our available inventory, please access our dedicated buyer-focused enterprise, DealForce, using the link below.

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Evaluate a potential acquisition like never before with the most detailed Offering Memorandum in Middle Market M&A. Our evaluation teams pride themselves on a painstakingly in-depth approach to company valuations and the comprehensive documentation that follows as a result. We believe in providing you with all of the information you need and more, first time and every time.

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For the first time in M&A history, our buyers can now search our entire inventory whenever they want and wherever they are with our innovative new app, DealForce. Accessed for free via the App Store, DealForce provides the top-level information of every business we represent and lets you request a copy of the full Offering Memorandum without leaving the app.

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Featured deals

The following is a sample of current deals by Generational Group.

Leading Construction Framing Contractor
  • Client Number 59126
  • EBITDA $5,709,000
  • Revenue $44,000,000
  • Region Western U.S.
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Large Commercial & Multi-Family Rehabilitation Firm
  • Client Number 52183
  • EBITDA $5,200,000
  • Revenue $40,000,000
  • Region Southeastern U.S.
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Integrated OEM/Servicer of Airport Baggage Handling Systems
  • Client Number 61468
  • EBITDA $4,520,000
  • Revenue $20,500,000
  • Region Canada
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Global 3-D Modeling & Steel Detailing Firm
  • Client Number 61976
  • EBITDA $4,500,000
  • Revenue $27,000,000
  • Region Canada
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Large Building Materials and Hardware Supplier
  • Client Number 62053
  • EBITDA $4,300,000
  • Revenue $37,900,000
  • Region Central U.S.
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Three Leading Dealerships: Motorcycles, ATVs,and PWCs.
  • Client Number 59524
  • EBITDA $4,200,000
  • Revenue $83,200,000
  • Region Western U.S.
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Large Farm Equipment Dealer
  • Client Number 61054
  • EBITDA $3,500,000
  • Revenue $55,000,000
  • Region Canada
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Full-service Drilling & Completions Fluids Provider
  • Client Number 60618
  • EBITDA $3,300,000
  • Revenue $25,000,000
  • Region Western U.S.
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