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Leading Supplier of Windows, Doors, & Millwork


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Southeastern U.S.

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Barry DeWitt

(727) 415-1487


For over a decade, this Company has been a trusted supplier of windows, doors, and millwork for residential, commercial, and multifamily projects. Operating in the state of Florida, the Company has a strong track record in the regional markets, and has an excellent reputation for customer service. The Company also drop-ships some of its products directly to construction projects. As a comprehensive multifamily window supplier and door supplier, the Company provides consulting on product specifications, integration, waterproofing, and other services. The Company offers various types of windows and doors and details their selection on their website. The firm also offers millwork, including moldings, trim and cabinetry, and is able to upsell customers on its turn-key packages. Through their superior customer service, excellent community reputation, and highly experienced employees, the Company has built an extensive, loyal customer base, evidenced by their 75% rate of repeat business. The company has grown rapidly over the past few years and is now expanding into the Southeastern US market. INVESTMENT APPEAL Proprietary Expertise: The Company has developed and implemented strong internal expertise and knowledge to differentiate itself from the competition. The Company has developed a proprietary quoting software that aids in business development and project management. Strong Client Relationships: The Company has built an extensive customer list and good industry relationships since its inception. The customer base is loyal, which allows the Company to save marketing costs that competitors must foot, both in acquiring new customers and in obtaining repeat business from existing customers. Not Highly-Dependent on Current Ownership: It is worth noting that while the owners bring extensive experience and institutional knowledge to the Company, The Company’s management is structured optimally with highly-qualified and reliable personnel such that it can run well without ownership’s presence.