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Cory Strickland

(469) 828-2841


This business is a temporary or long-term storage facility for large industrial equipment, machinery, and materials. The Company can customize storage facilities to meet a customer's specific needs. The business operates with a philosophy that the Company is an extension of its customers’ companies. Over the last several years, the Company has continued to lease additional warehouses throughout their area to increase capacity. Each facility is approved or will be approved for foreign trade zone (FTZ) storage areas. The Company has the FTZ application process down to a streamlined science and enjoys a much faster approval process than typical, first-time applicants. Investment Appeal • Diversified Customer Industries: The Company maintains a loyal client base within multiple industries including, third-party logistics, energy, chemical manufacturing, engineering, and distribution. Operating within multiple industries helps ensure the Company will not be significantly impacted during a slow down within a single industry. • Growing Market for the Company’s Services: Since 2002, foreign-trade zone merchandise received has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6%, exports have increased at a rate of 9.8%, and active FTZs have only grown from 149 in 2002 to 197 in 2021 meaning new active FTZs are growing much more slowly (1.3%) than imports and exports to those zones. • Diversified Customer Base: No single customer accounted for more than 1% of revenue during the historical period. The diversified customer base helps ensure that the Company will not be significantly impacted by the loss of a single account. • Superior Name and Reputation: The Company enjoys a long-standing reputation for quality facilities and superior service. The Company is well known for its expertise on meeting the needs of complex logistics and storage needs.