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Temporary Workforce Housing Rental Company

Oil & Gas

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Ted Rattenberry

(604) 609-2841


This outstanding acquisition opportunity is a temporary oilfield workforce housing rental Company serving oil and gas companies in Canada. The Company manufactures its fleet of wellsite trailers for rent and is also an authorized dealer of two major utility trailer brands. The Company operated through the following internal profit centers in 2021: Trailer Rental Business (92% of revenue) and Utility Trailer Sales (8%).


Superior Name & Reputation — The Company enjoys a long-standing reputation for quality made wellsite trailers and superior on call site support and maintenance. It is well known for its executive style trailers and are at times relied upon to perform maintenance on competitors’ trailers .

Outstanding Growth Opportunities — There exist several opportunities for the Company to significantly increase revenue and profit, including leveraging the Company’s proven reputation to pursue and penetrate new and existing markets and ramping up under-utilized production capacity.

Established Blue-Chip Clients — While the Company serves numerous clients, it’s reputation and level of service attracts large oil and gas businesses. They have several blue-chip clients found on the NYSE.

Rising Gross Profit Trend — Throughout the historical period, gross profit increased from 54.5% of sales in 2019 to 61.7% of sales by the end of 2021. The Company has been able to efficiently control its cost of sales after high growth, demonstrating its ability to maximize profitability potential.