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Electronic Manufacturers Associated Acquired By Private Investor

EMA Acquired By Private Investor


Feb 2023



We are pleased to announce the sale of our client, Electronic Manufacturers Associated, to a Private Investor. The acquisition closed February 16, 2023. 

Located in Chatsworth, California, and founded in 1946, Electronic Manufactures Associated (EMA) is a well-established distributor of aircraft components and a reliable source of supply for spare parts for the aviation industries. Parts include electrical components, avionics, engine parts, airframe parts, chemicals, raw materials, and hardware. 

Electronic Manufacturers Associated is authorized to purchase aircraft parts from major manufacturers such as Honeywell and Rockwell Collins for resale to airlines, MRO, and other customers based throughout the world which operate US-made civilian aircraft made by Boeing, Beechcraft, Cessna, etc., and military aircraft, such as the C-130, F5, F16, F15, KC135, and E2C.

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director of M&A – Western Region, Stephen Crisham, Senior M&A Advisor, Kris Nielsen, with support from Sr. Managing Director - Western Region, Lori Galloway, successfully closed the deal. Senior Managing Director, David Robinson, established the initial relationship with EMA.

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