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Regional Leading Provider of Fill Dirt, Clay, Sand & Topsoil


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Southern U.S.

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Nydia Blanco

(832) 730-5987


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS: The Company is an established (20+ year history) regional provider of construction materials, primarily fill dirt, in a rapidly growing metropolitan area of the southern U.S. The Company owns over a dozen pits and 700 acres of land, offering an array of fill dirt, clay, sand, and topsoil with over 54M cubic feet of total materials. The Company customizes each order and is well equipped to provide delivery and excavation services to meet the needs of their commercial construction industry customers. INVESTMENT APPEAL: Diversified, Long Term Customer Base: No single customer accounted for more than 10% of revenue during the historical period and the top five customers represented a total of only 32% of 2021 revenue. In addition, the top customers have been associated with the business an average of 14 years, indicating the strength of these relationships. The Company maintains over 100 active accounts and has a rate of repeat business of 98%. Strong Target Geographic Market: As one of the top growing population centers in the country the Company’s metropolitan area is a prime location for business. During the historical period the metropolitan area experienced strong growth, seeing a population increase of hundreds of thousands of residents. Population growth is also expected to be strong going forward as hundreds of thousands of addition people are expected to call the area home from 2022 to 2026. Critical Mass: The Company’s projected revenue of $49 million and EBITDA of $11.2 million in 2023. In addition, the Company’s strong fixed asset base and over a dozen owned pits with 68 million cubic feet of material make the Company a very meaningful player in the region.