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Multi-Location Pump Fabrication & Rental Company

Oil & Gas

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Southern, U.S.

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Nydia Blanco

(832) 730-5987


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS: The Company designs, fabricates, rents, sells and services diesel and electric fluid pumps and accessories to customers in the oil and gas, construction, and municipal markets throughout the central and southern states of the U.S. The Company has a large and growing rental fleet as well as an experienced, in-house service department. In addition to pumps, the Company maintains an expansive product mix including road crossings, industrial hoses, and customized trailers, providing convenient add-on accessories that fit the needs of their customers. INVESTMENT APPEAL: Superior Products and Services: The Company’s pumps are well known in the industry for their dependability. Pumps are powered by tier 3 engines which are known to be more economical and encounter less problems than more recent tier 4 engines. Pumps are serviced by experienced, in-house technicians. In-House Fabrication: With a full-service fabrication and paint shop, the Company can fully control the quality and process of developing its units. Pump packages can be customized to the client's specifications and a consistent level of quality is maintained on every pump. Improving Technology: The Company has recently implemented technology into its fabrication and product portfolio. Individual parts and pieces, as well, as full pumps are tracked throughout the system so that management can easily pull a rental or maintenance history. In addition, all pump packages have GPS locators. Strong EBITDA Margins: Over the historical period the Company maintained strong EBITDA margins, averaging 19.4% and achieving 36.6% in 2022. With high rental rates locked in for 2023 and utilization remaining strong EBITDA margins are expected to remain at 36.5% in 2023 and beyond.