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Southeastern U.S.

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Terry Mackin

(214) 529-4598


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS Founded in 2003, this award-winning Company is a privately-owned full-service construction management firm specializing in healthcare, commercial, public works and hospitality construction in the Southeast. It has served 250+ customers on projects ranging from minor tenant improvements to a free-standing hospital. The Company offers its clients highly customized concierge services built on the foundation of a thorough preconstruction process that ensures excellence in delivering quality projects on time and on budget. The Company has developed close working relationships with its clients and, through consistently exceeding their expectations, enjoys steady repeat work. Its white-glove client experience differentiates the Company from competitors and reinforces its reputation as a regional leader. The Company has received over 100 awards from industry bodies, including SEBC, LBIA, CBIA and has been recognized by INC. Magazine as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies 5 times. INVESTMENT APPEAL Exceptional Growth: The Company has grown substantially at a 52% CAGR from $54M in 2020 to $126M in 2022. Pricing increases, existing client backlog and new client opportunities will all contribute to reaching 2023’s targeted $140M in revenue. Documented Systems and Procedures: Proposal, bidding, operations, crew deployment, and project delivery have been refined over the Company's many years in business, resulting in an efficient platform to springboard future growth. Profitable Pricing: Most contracts are negotiated AIA stipulated sum agreements. The Company typically services customers that value quality and timeliness over cost, providing high-quality concierge services at a premium price. While less common, the Company also has a track record of profitability in competing on hard-bid proposals. Reviewed Financial Statements: The Company uses financial statements reviewed by an accounting firm. Over the historical period, the firm has found no material defect in the Company's financials. Strong Network of Subcontractors: The Company partners with leading subcontractors and vendors to ensure the highest level of quality, fostering a collaborative rapport and excellent business relationships. Capacity: Management believes that with the available space, increased workforce and existing bonding capacity of $200 million, the Company can reach higher sales levels without any substantial capital expenditures.