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Midwestern U.S.

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Jerry Yocum

(614) 432-8580


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS Founded in 2013, the Company is a heavy construction industrial contractor specializing in underground new pipeline construction for the energy sector. It has developed extensive relationships with several large pipeline infrastructure customers, and maintains an excellent reputation within its operating market. Given the Company’s convenient location, service revenue is achieved by traveling to customer sites across its active area of operation. It maintains its personnel and parts at its headquarters, and the Company’s employees are able to effectively travel around the region, resulting in more efficient operations. INVESTMENT APPEAL No Bid Work Agreement: The Company holds a contract with its topkey customer, including all of their subsidiaries, with annual renewals.It serves as a strategic partner for this key customer and is able toavoid competitive bidding, driving up margins. Continuity of Operations: The Company benefits from its ability tomaintain a full workforce throughout the year and can confidentlybid and complete jobs, as a result. Its established workforce is a keydifferentiator in the market. Qualifications: The Company’s structure, diverse in-housecapabilities, experienced employee base, operating systems, andmanagement approaches are designed to provide clients withsuperior underground construction services. Management Will Remain through Transition: Management is willing toremain through the transition period in order to preserve operationalcohesiveness. Additionally, all key employees are expected to remainwith new ownership beyond the sale of the Company.