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Leading Custom Truss Manufacturer - High Margins (SE US)


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Southeastern U.S.

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Barry DeWitt

(727) 415-1487


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS In operation for over 20 years, this Company has been trusted by custom home builders for all of their custom truss needs. The Company’s highly experienced team designs, manufactures, and delivers Roof (91% of 2022 revenue) and Floor (9%) trusses to homebuilders across the state. Through their expert service, the Company operates at a 35% EBITDA margin, while maintaining a 90% rate of repeat business from their customers. All trusses are custom-made to meet individual project specifications and undergo third-party quality control inspections to ensure high quality and compliance with industry standards. The Company values customer satisfaction and provides personalized assistance throughout the design-to-delivery process. The Company has developed a reputation for its focus on precision, reliability, and customer service. INVESTMENT APPEAL Strong Historical Sales Growth: Historical sales have grown from $11,450,000 in 2021 to $22,098,000 in 2022, representing an annual growth rate of 93%. Sales have grown consistently year over year in the historical period. Strong Client Relationships: The Company is proud of its strong ties to clients and its reputation for quality work and client service. Evidence of these relationships is shown in the 90% rate of repeat business. The Company’s top five clients have been working with the Company from a minimum of 2 years to a high of 15 years. Strong Management Team: The Company’s management team has a tremendous amount of experience in manufacturing trusses. The Company’s management team is focused on providing quality, timely, and cost-effective products, coupled with proactive and responsive customer service. Documented Systems and Procedures: Proposals, design services, operations, and project delivery have been refined over the Company's many years in business, resulting in an efficient platform that can be leveraged to springboard future growth.