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Terry Mackin

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BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS The Company is a leading telecommunications infrastructure provider, creating international connectivity from over 17 U.S. cities to 35 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Company provides local and international data transport (EVPL, EPL, PL), dedicated internet access (DIA), network-managed services including cloud connection, securities services and infrastructure (dark fiber and pipes), software development, and analytics to multinational corporations, OTTs and global carriers. Services are customized to client specifications to provide leading-edge connectivity solutions at competitive rates while providing 24/7 technical support. The Company’s network expertise and track record have established it as the go-to source for data services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, allowing it to scale revenue and pursue advanced undersea cable projects. The Company’s current deployment projects in two new LATAM markets have an expected negative impact on 2022 EBITDA results, these new markets will continue to provide lucrative opportunities to serve the largest telecommunication users throughout Latin America well into the future. INVESTMENT APPEAL Undersea Cable Project: The Company is building an industry-first undersea cable network connecting key US based cities with strategic points in Mexico . The asset will have a 25+ year lifespan and will play a vital role in empowering the fast-growing Mexico data market with latency reduction of up to 35% over current alternatives. The state-of-the-art topology network will position the Company as the market leader for OTTs, Corporations and global carriers looking to penetrate the growing market, complementing the Company’s existing underground networks connecting major Mexican hubs. The project has projected infrastructure sales of over $90M USD. Patent-Pending Technology: The Company has developed a unique, patent-pending solution for the delivery of ethernet services and protected high-capacity services without any type of loss when balancing or changing routes. Designed for the OTT, financial, gaming and video transport markets, the technology eliminates flaps that can occur when there are failures in the current market solutions. Assets: The Company has 2,000km of fiber optic network with over 90% of sales capacity available and over 1,500km of underground pipes. Infrastructure Backlog: The Company has $40M+ pipeline for infrastructure sales in terrestrial networks. Expansion Opportunities: The Company has identified multiple areas for expansion that include higher service quality to Mexico, the largest LATAM market, alongside regional expansion to emerging markets. Both strategies create opportunities to attract new clients that require low-latency, high-quality connectivity to the US and the rest of LATAM. Diversified Customer Base: The Company’s assets and service offerings are applicable to multiple markets that require data services and ensures a broad mix of customer types across the Americas. As the Company continues to grow its infrastructure, revenue concentration with individual clients will continue to decrease. To date, ~58% of revenue is derived outside of the US.