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Critical Equipment and Proprietary Software for Oil Field Companies

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Ted Rattenberry

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BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS The Company is a global provider of parts, new/used equipment, service, and proprietary software and technology to oil field companies. The Company is one of the largest of its kind, is based in Canada, and serves customers around the world. Key differentiators include high quality products and services, available inventory, and superior technology. Licensed and factory-trained technicians are able to inspect, test, rebuild, recertify, maintain, and remotely monitor crucial rig components. Growth will continue to be supported by industry demand for the critical equipment and technology provided by the Company. Over 80% of revenue is derived from repeat business! INVESTMENT APPEAL Superior Name and Reputation, Strong Client Relationships, Established Clients: The Company has built an excellent name and reputation with its customers and the oil gas industry globally. The Company is a well run and rapidly growing business, has an impressive facility with additional capacity to support projections, and huge growth potential. Dominant Market Share: The Company holds inventory that is not available from competitors, placing it in a dominant position with both customers and competitors. Proprietary Software: The Company‚Äôs proprietary technology is at the peak of the industry and is the only software in the market like it. Master Service Agreements (MSAs): The Company holds MSAs with multiple customers. International Reach: The Company serves clients globally.  API and ISO Certifications: The Company is certified to The American Petroleum Institute (API) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) standards.