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Southern, U.S.

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Don Ho

(972) 741-9439


The Subject Company is one of the fastest growing and well-regarded specialty commercial, industrial, and residential roofing, waterproofing and insulation company focusing on high-profile customers throughout the US. The Company also offers sheet metal construction and installation, as well as general contracting services. Given its critical mass in the market, technical capabilities, and reputation for excellent quality, the Subject has a reputation as one of the preeminent commercial contractors for high-profile institutional and industrial customers, which has lead to high bid invites, repeat business, and superior gross profit margins. In general, approximately 55% of revenue are from new construction, while 45% are from renovations. Additionally, 40% of sales are to institutions and public entities, while 40% is from the private and 20% from industrial sectors. Geographically, majority of revenue is from the Southern and Eastern US though the company has the capabilities and experience of serving customers nationwide. INVESTMENT APPEAL: Backlog of Signed Projects: As of Jan 4, 2024, the Company has a secured backlog of approximately $52 million, as well as pipeline of projects under bidding of over $100 million. Recession Resistant, Comprehensive Service Offering: The Company offers comprehensive commercial, industrial, and residential roofing services. These services are considered essential and recession resistant. Given the aging roofs in the US that needs renovation, coupled with expansion to more rural markets due to population growth, demand for its services has increased significantly. Blue-Chip Client Relationships: The Company is proud of its strong ties to innovative blue-chip clients that has resulted in increased bid invites. These notable projects have resulted in increased brand awareness and a spectacular reputation in the industry. Technologically Advance Product Offering: The Company offers the latest technological products, including Dow and BASF compounds, open and closed cell foam, rockwool insulation, blown-in fiberglass, wetspray cellulose insulation, TPO roofing, and modified Bitumen. Exclusive Vendors: The Company‚Äôs knowledge of required details and experience of installation in cryogenic applications is the basis of its exclusive relationships with vendors of polyurethane foams, butyl rubbers, aliphatic urethane finishes and high modulus urethane and urea based coatings.