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James Hermann

(972) 908-0770


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS This unique acquisition opportunity is for a retirement planning firm and a retirement facilitator. The Company uses proprietary software and established processes to inform clients exactly when they can retire and exactly how much money they can spend every month of every year to age 100. The Company offers a wide range of services including periodic consulting, income distribution management, tax return assistance, survivor assistance, and more. Services are tailored to meet the needs of each client. The Company’s extraordinary services have resulted in a superior name and reputation. INVESTMENT APPEAL Proprietary Technology: The Company has developed in-house software that can calculate exactly how much money clients can spend every month of every year for the rest of their lives. Currently there is no other financial software that can deliver such results. Superior Name Reputation: The Company is a well-established and widely trusted Washington based retirement planning firm. It is known for providing dedicated, consistent, and highly personalized service experience to its clients. High-Caliber High-Tenured Staff: The Company fosters a workplace where its experienced and talented personnel can thrive and grow, and therefore remain long term. Strong Earnings: The Company has experienced strong growth in EBIT, representing a compound annual growth rate of 35.3% during the historical period. Critical Mass: The Company’s estimated sales of $19,000,000 and EBITDA of $5,750,000 for 2024 will be attractive to prospective buyers, as the Company has established itself in the industry with its large presence.