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Eastern U.S.

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Michael Goss

(972) 232-1174


The Company is a diversified, privately-owned industrial contractor providing a wide range of services including customized equipment design and fabrication, engineering, and construction, and field services. It specializes in turnkey projects across various sectors like solar and renewable energy, manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas. The Company boasts extensive capabilities in areas such as millwright, crane services, electrical contracting, excavation, HVAC-R, machining, industrial automation, fiber optics, fire protection, machine building, project management, and more. It provides cutting-edge solutions to a diverse range of industries and operates across the continental U.S. INVESTMENT APPEAL: Highly Data Driven — The Company is highly data-driven and leverages its robust infrastructure to generate insightful reports, aiding in prompt and efficient decision-making and adaptation. Dedicated Ownership Group — The owners actively participate and are distributed across the management of various divisions. The owners are dedicated to the future success of the business. Diversified Customer Base — No single customer accounted for a material percentage of revenue (<10%) during the historical period. Additionally, the Company services a diverse range of industries, providing a safeguard and recessionary resilience. Consistent Backlog and TM Growth — The Company has shown consistent growth in its backlog and time materials billings over the historical period, indicating strong operational performance and ensuring a stable, predictable future revenue stream. Strong Historical Sales Growth — In 2023, the Company experienced a 11.6% increase in historical sales, continuing its trend of steady growth over a long period, evidenced by a 20-year CAGR of 10.9%.