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General Construction: Multi-Family Residential, Commercial, & Tenant


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Western U.S.

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Paul Hajek

(208) 340-8482


This outstanding acquisition opportunity is for a general construction company building multi-family apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and tenant improvement projects such as preschools, restaurants, bars, corporate office build-outs, retail, senior living, and more. The Company is licensed as a general contractor in four states: Washington, Idaho, California, and Texas. INVESTMENT APPEAL: Superior Name and Reputation — The Company has built and maintained an excellent reputation as a premier general contractor in their region. As a result, it benefits from many repeat clients, a strong position in niche markets with favorable outlooks, and has tremendous, continued growth potential, which could be accelerated with a new ownership having additional working capital and other resources. Tenured and Experienced Employee Base — The Company has a positive work culture and exceptional employee base, and benefits from low employee turnover and many experienced employees including project and site managers, field workers, several lead superintendents, a director of construction, as well as a controller. Multi-State Reach — The Company is licensed and working in the states of Washington, Idaho, California, and Texas. Awards Recognition — The Company is ranked as one of the largest and fastest growing companies in their region.