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Mertens Enterprises acquired by Tracz & Associates



Oct 2012



Generational Equity, a leading mergers and acquisitions advisor for privately-held, middlemarket businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of its client, Mertens Enterprises, Inc., dba Tracz & Associates (Tracz & Associates) headquartered in Lockport, Illinois, by Kaufman Financial Group, Inc., headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The transaction closed on October 1, 2012.

Founded in 1998 by Tom Mertens, Tracz & Associates is a professional service provider of premium insurance audit services. The Company is a third party vendor hired by insurance carriers and self-insurance funds to perform premium insurance audit services primarily on Midwestern and Southeastern-based policyholders. Few premium insurance audit service providers in the region possess the depth of experience garnered over more than two decades that Tom has devoted to the industry, as well as produce the high-quality audit reports, coupled with the outstanding client service that Mertens Enterprises' maintains.

Managing Director, Doug Smith and Vice President, Michael Goss, led the Generational Equity deal team that advised Mertens Enterprises on the transaction. According to Michael Goss, "this transaction was the ideal situation in which a highly-strategic buyer was seeking an increased presence in the Midwest for its subsidiary, US-Reports, and the terms of the transaction provide Tom Mertens with his desired exit strategy and smooth transition into other personal life endeavors." Kaufman Financial Group (KFG) was founded in 1969 by Herbert W. Kaufman. What started as a holding company serving general agents and brokers of specialty insurance products and services has grown into a world-class network of corporations that can fulfill all the needs of KFG's agent and broker clients, including insurance distribution, financing, claims, inspections, and audits. KFG currently employs nearly 1,200 dedicated professionals worldwide through its 45 offices.