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Ahead Magnetics acquired by Hurtiga International Holding Company, Singapore



Jul 2008



Ahead Magnetics, which does business as AheadTek, manufactures magnetic components for use in video tapes, television broadcasts, video production, computers and data storage. It retained Generational Equity in 2007 to market the business for sale. “It was very important to me to find the right buyer for the business my husband and our dedicated management team nurtured,” said Sharon Honegger, majority owner of Ahead Magnetics.

“Generational Equity acted quickly to secure a great buyer to continue the business, while allowing me the opportunity to retire and move on to the next phase of my life.” “Ahead Magnetics is a well-established company with great technology. It is a wonderful addition to our existing manufacturing holdings,” said Khim Heng, director of Huritga International Holdings.

“We look forward to integrating the company into our portfolio and building upon the excellent foundation that it currently represents for us in the disk drive and video/tape production spaces.” “Generational Equity looked at a number of potential buyers before identifying a potential fit with Huritga’s investment criteria,” said John Poythress, Generational Equity managing director for the deal.

“Ahead Magnetics has found a great platform to join, and Huritga has acquired a great target with substantial potential with Ahead Magnetics.” “This deal helped the founder’s family realize the wealth in the business, while adding to an already successful organization,” said Ryan Binkley, president of Generational Equity. “Our firm has always worked hard to accomplish deals just like this one, and we’re very happy with the results.”

The deal closed within one year of Ahead Magnetics entering the market. Ahead Magnetics, doing business as AheadTek, manufactures glide and burnishing heads used by manufacturers of hard disk drives and offers solutions for end-users in video and tape production. As a proven global supplier, AheadTek remains poised to present cost effective solutions for your specialty magnetic head applications. About Huritga International Holdings Huritga is a closely held private equity group located in Singapore. Entities engaged in manufacturing and international commerce are a primary area of interest for its portfolio holdings.