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Blagrave & Duffy acquired by Thorpe Holdings

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Jul 2011



Generational Equity, a leading mergers and acquisition advisor for privately-held and familyowned businesses, is pleased to announce the sale of its client, Blagrave & Duffey, Inc. to Thorpe Holdings of Houston, TX. The Deal Team was led by Managing Director Terry Mackin and Assistant Vice President Kyle Coe. Managing Director Terry Mackin commented on the deal, "With both buyer and seller being headquartered in Houston, TX, this was an excellent opportunity for both parties to become comfortable with each other to accommodate a fruitful transaction."

Since its inception in 1981, Blagrave & Duffey, Inc. has become one of the major suppliers and contractors of refractory projects in the southern United States. Their scope of work varies from small commercial boilers to industrial steel processing mills. By stocking major suppliers' products in their 5,000 square foot warehouse, Blagrave & Duffey is able to immediately respond to refractory requests and assist customers with the refractory setting on any type of heat processing equipment. "Terry and Kyle did an excellent job in facilitating a deal that made sense for both parties involved in this transaction," stated Generational Equity President, Ryan Binkley, "Members of our deal teams are experts in their ability to leverage relationships with prospective buyers in order to maximize value for our clients."