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Concise Marketing Solutions acquired by Face Time Strategy

Concise Marketing Soloutions


May 2008



Concise Data Management Inc., a Dallas-based direct marketing agency, has been acquired by FaceTime Strategy, a digital marketing company based in Washington, DC. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. Concise Data Management provides data processing and analysis services to the travel, retail and service industries throughout the U.S. The company retained Generational Equity to market the business. "When I decided to sell the company, Generational Equity proved to be a great ally," said Scott Dinsmore, president and CEO of Concise Data Management. "They really took the time to find the best buyer for the company. I have the peace of mind that I'm leaving the business in good hands and Concise will continue to flourish with the new owner." Generational Equity marketed the company widely and received numerous inquiries, before finding a private investor who was interested in buying a successful company in the Dallas area. "We were able to find a buyer who really clicked with our client," said Martha Fouts, Generational Equity managing director for the deal. "Our team worked to establish a deal that would allow the owners of Concise Data to realize the full potential of wealth in the business, and give the buyer an opportunity to enter the Dallas market with a growing, successful company." "We're pleased to have found an established company in Dallas," said a representative of FaceTime Strategy. "We look forward to building on the company's success in the future." About FaceTime Strategy FaceTime Strategy (FTS) is a full-service digital interactive agency that offers an innovative method for utilizing viral marketing tools, targeted online advertisements and social networking together with traditional distribution methods such as print and broadcast. FaceTime is located in Washington, D.C. and Dallas, with immediate plans to expand to the New York, Charlotte, N.C., and Los Angeles metro areas. For more information call (202)386-6159 or visit FaceTime is a Mason Media Group Company