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California Peptide Research acquired by a Private Investor

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Oct 2008



Based in Napa, California, California Peptide Research, Inc. (CPRI) produces custom peptides (biochemical "building blocks") and sells them to various research entities around the world. These peptides are used in medical research, pharmaceutical development and even cosmetics.

"CPRI was attractive to many buyers, due to its unique products and high profitability," said Bob Gurrola, who managed the transaction for M&A advisors Generational Equity. "Ultimately, CPRI's owners elected to sell to the buyer with a combination of price and terms, as well as a high personal comfort level, as the owners planned to continue working for the new owner." "There were many challenges in getting this deal done," explained Ryan Binkley, President of Generational Equity. "However, we went the extra mile to carefully explain the details to our client, who in the end was pleased with their deal."

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