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Carbonic Systems Acquired By Airgas

Carbonic Systems


Aug 2017



Airgas Inc., an Air Liquide company, acquired Generational Equity client Carbonic Systems. The deal closed August 22, 2017. Details were not disclosed.

Carbonic Systems, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a family-owned regional distributor of beverage grade carbon dioxide (CO2) and food grade nitrogen, beer gas, and oxygen. The company also leases bulk CO2 systems, cylinders, nitrogen generators, gas blenders, and CO2 monitors and alarms.

They are the leader in beverage gas in Michigan, providing leading-edge technology and service to its customers. The management team remains in place and Carbonic continues to operate as a local company.

Airgas supplies industrial, medical and speciality gases, plus welding equipment and related products. The company distributes atmospheric gases, including nitrogen, oxygen, and argon, as well as helium, hydrogen, welding and fuel gases, such as acetylene, propylene, and propane.

Airgas also provides carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, ultra-high purity grades of various gases, special application blends, and process chemicals. It rents gas cylinders, cryogenic liquid containers, bulk storage tanks, tube trailers, and welding-related and other equipment. The company additionally provides welding consumables, equipment and related safety products.

Generational Equity Senior Vice President Fred Zweifel successfully closed the deal, while Senior Managing Director Rick Buchoz established the initial relationship with Carbonic Systems. 

“Carbonic Systems’ distribution network provided a strong strategic opportunity for Airgas,” said Zweifel. “Airgas will now be able to provide additional opportunities to an already established regional network.”

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