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Julio Dominguez

(972) 232-1118


Business Summary: The Company is a national home health medical supply company specializing in the wholesale distribution of consumable medical supplies and is the largest distributor of ostomy, urological, and skin wound supplies in Canada. The Company’s unique customized operation and sales platform maintains a 99% rate of inventory accuracy. The Company has five distribution centers across Canada and an online ordering portal that accounts for the majority of daily orders.

Customers: The Company primarily serves independent and chain pharmacies throughout Canada. The Company’s customers also include home healthcare, web-based customers, harm reduction, and long-term care providers. The Company has annual contracts with its top customers which allows it to be the “Preferred” national distributor for those clients.

Company Infrastructure: The Company’s national distribution network ensures timely delivery to its clients. The Company’s well established management , vendor relationships, systems, and processes make it scalable for growth. The Company has management in place, 70+ non-union employees, and office & warehouse designed for its use.

Financial: Audited statements, minimal Long-Term Debt, consistently growing sales each of the past 8 years.