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New England U.S.

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Doug Smith

(440) 582-2331


Originally focused toward environmental/remediation, the Company started doing large infrastructure/building projects involving civil and construction management in the last several years, and is now a highly-rated heavy civil engineering construction company, with experience in excavation, soil stabilization, remediation, dredging, bridges, dams, rivers, commercial structures, and many other project profiles. In 2017, the project mix was approximately 50% construction management, 30% civil, and 20% environmental.

The Company has been awarded several prime contracts with the US Department of Defense, as well as with commercial, industrial, and private sector firms. It operates from a 4,500-square foot building with corporate offices, yard, and storage areas, and has a separate 600-square foot executive and administrative office at a separate location. Operations are supported by a staff of 42, which includes 6 project managers and 14 site superintendents.