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Manufacturer, Supplier, & Recycler of Minor Metals


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Mid-Atlantic U.S.

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Musa Jagne

(972) 232-1136


The Company is a manufacturer, supplier, and recycler of minor metals. The Company purchases and processes secondary raw materials (scrap metal) in various forms and other by-products that contain valuable minor metals. By combining strategic sourcing solutions with a state-of-the-art scrap metal recycling process, the Company offers consistent availability of competitively priced raw materials in the form of solids and manufactured powders.

The Company serves a variety of industries, including medical, hard metals, electronics, and super-alloys/aerospace.  It is a strategic business partner to its customers with the ability to meet key business needs, providing security of supply, settlement transparency, and the integrity to honor its commitments despite changing market conditions.

The Company generates over 90% of its revenue from recurring sources. The geographic markets served include North America (69% of 2017 revenue), Europe (28%), and Asia (3%).