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HVAC and Plumbing Contractor with Metal Fabrication Capabilities


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Western U.S.

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Chad Comroe

(972) 232-1147


The Company is an HVAC and plumbing contractor with metal fabrication capabilities. HVAC services represent 85% of its revenue with plumbing services the remaining 15%. The Company’s customer base is comprised of general contractors who target institutional market segments e.g., prison (60% of 2016 sales), school (35%), hospital, and recreation. The Company’s 24.0% EBITDA margins are a result of in-house metal fabrication capabilities. The Company’s 40+ staff are non-union and consist of key managers and employees involved with contract installation and metal fabrication work. The Company’s $12 million revenue forecast for 2017 is driven by already awarded contracts. These contracts actually exceed this estimated amount.

The Company’s metal fabrication capabilities (i.e., able to manufacture all its own duct requirements) provide a competitive advantage when bidding and executing jobs. Of the 20,000+ square feet facility, the HVAC fabrication area occupies 75%, plumbing prefabrication consists of 15%, and office space utilizes the remaining 10%.