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Northeastern Asset-Based Hauling and Transportation Solutions Provider


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Northeastern U.S.

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Mark Galovic

(847) 592-7120


The Company is an asset-based hauling and transportation solutions provider offering customized services to clients and their transportation needs. The Company specializes construction site hauling, energy corporation site removal or material delivery, commercial transportation needs, industrial hauling, and municipal large equipment pickup and delivery. The Company is staffed with an experienced management team and skilled representatives, which recently executed the successful implementation of growth initiatives that is resulting in projected EBITDA to reach approximately $4.1 million in 2018. Management expects this level of earnings to be sustainable and continue growing going forward in 2019 and beyond.

Investment Considerations:

Strong Relationships with Blue-Chip Clients: By establishing a reputation for an impeccable safety record and providing superior customer service levels, the Company has built an impressive client base consisting of globally recognized entities in the waste collection and disposal as well as industrial timber transportation and forwarding industries. This impressive performance has resulted in an expanding customer base which has complimented the consistent and recurring repeat revenue streams nicely. The Company deploys a modern fleet of 70 owned Peterbilt trucks and an additional 12 leased units along with a wide variety of trailers. Strong Historical Performance: Revenue increased at a 34.6% CAGR during the historical period as the Company was able to expand business with existing clients while also impressively diversifying the customer base through additional provided services indicating no single customer was solely responsible for the growth. With 2018 revenue is projected to increase an additional 19.7%, management has implemented specific strategies that will result in EBITDA nearly tripling the 2016 earnings level at approximately $4.1 million.