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Hedlund Gas acquired by Superior Fuel Company

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Jul 2015



Generational Equity, a leading mergers and acquisitions advisor for privately-held, middle-market businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of its client, Hedlund Gas Inc.(Hedlund), located in Spooner, Wisconsin by Superior Fuel Company (Superior Fuel), located in Superior, Wisconsin. The acquisition closed on July 20, 2015.

Headquartered in Spooner, Wisconsin, Hedlund provides gas, heating and air conditioning, and appliances to the immediate and surrounding areas for residential and commercial clients. Hedlund services furnaces, appliance conversion, gas water heaters, and heating and cooling products.

Managing Director Douglas Smith and his team, including affiliate Jerry Yocum and Vice President Musa Jagne, led the Generational Equity deal team that advised Hedlund on the transaction. "The synergies of the location of Hedlund was a key factor in this deal," stated Jerry Yocum. Since 2006, Superior Fuel has supplied home heating fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline, and propane tanks for residential and commercial use. Superior Fuel serves the Wisconsin and Minnesota areas.

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