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Pure Chem Separation has substantially sold assets to Diversified CPC International

Pure Chemical Seperation


Apr 2012



Generational Equity, a leading mergers and acquisitions advisor for privately-held, middle-market businesses is pleased to announce the acquisition of its client, Pure Chem Separation, LP, headquartered in Rhome, Texas, by Diversified CPC International, a Sumitomo Corporation, headquartered in Channahon, IL. The transaction closed on April 30, 2012. Pure Chem Separation, LP (Pure Chem) is a multidimensional EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer. Pure Chem focuses primarily on an R-22 buyback program, but is also a trend setter in refrigerant buy back and processing programs for a variety of mixes. The Company pays the highest returns to HVAC contractors and end users. Pure Chem also has high volume and high purity processing capabilities for all kinds of mixed refrigerants with capacity exceeding 3 million pounds per year and has a highly successful carbon credit program.

Managing Director, Terry Mackin, and Vice President, Kyle Coe, led the Generational Equity deal team that advised Pure Chem on the transaction. "Our clients recognized the unique strategic opportunities right from the start of our discussions with Diversified CPC," said Mackin. "Unfortunately, the tragic events of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami put further discussions on hold for a time. But thanks to the efforts of both sides, the parties were able to remain committed until the time was right to reengage and complete the deal!" "This is a great example of how dedicated our deal teams are to our clients," stated Ryan Binkley, President of Generational Equity. "Despite the tragic events that impacted the timing of this deal, Terry and Kyle never gave up on the buyer and the great opportunity presented to our clients with this synergistic opportunity." Diversified CPC International is a global leader in the highest quality aerosol propellants, specialty gases, alternative fuels, NGL refrigerants, physical foam blowing agents, and related products available. The team produces and manufactures the above using a technology and customer-driven approach providing the customer with a unique advantage.