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Western U.S.

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James R. Hermann

(510) 222-9723


The Company is a large framing contractor specializing in the construction of residential buildings. Services are performed under fixed-price contracts as a sub-contractor. Revenue is derived from multi-family housing, student housing and military housing. The Company’s projects are in a variety of geographical regions primarily in Northern California. However, construction projects during the historical period have also been performed in Southern California, Nevada, and New Mexico. The Company is projecting significant growth in 2016 revenue and profitability.

The Company is headquartered in a 4,000 square foot office leased from an unrelated third party. The Company also leases a 10,000 square foot warehouse and a 30,000 square foot warehouse which are used for prefabrication and storage of large equipment and machinery. The employee base consists of 17 full-time, non-union personnel, and 200 to 350 non-union carpenters depending on the size of existing projects. The Company is well-positioned within its market and is known to have excellent supplier relationships, effective quality control and a superior reputation. Management believes the Company has excellent growth opportunities supported by a large backlog of signed contracts.