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Rapidly Growing Professional Engineering Firm


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Northeastern U.S.

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Andre Farahmandi

(972) 232-1140


The Company is a full service Engineering and Controls firm serving a wide range of industries throughout the US. The Company is also a leader in renewable energy.

Offering a diverse range of services to clients, the Company provides project planning and design, as well as implementation and commissioning. Additional revenue comes from equipment sales and procurement, turnkey (EPC), controls, maintenance, and additional engineering services.

The Company serves many markets including contractors, renewable energy developers, defense contractors, utilities, engineers, architects, and more.

Additional revenue comes from MEP engineering services, engineering equipment sales, EPC, Controls, and maintenance.


National Reach
— The Company serves customers across the US and holds professional engineering licenses in 41 states. Geographic expansion is expected to continue in future years.

Consistent Strong Margins — The Company has maintained EBITDA margins above 17% throughout the historical period and expects this to continue throughout the future.

High Caliber Tenured Staff — The Company fosters a workplace where extremely experienced and talented personnel are able to thrive and grow, and therefore remain long-term. In addition to a deep management bench, the Company has 10 certified Professional Engineers on staff.

Established Reputation — Over its 15 plus year history, the Company has established itself as a reputable, experienced, and reliable firm. This reputation has directly contributed to the Company’s growth through a high rate of no-bid repeat business and word of mouth referrals.