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Fab-Tech Acquired By FT, Co. LLC



Jan 2020



We are pleased to announce the sale of our client, Fab-Tech, Inc., to FT, Co. LLC, a holding of Whiterock Capital, LLC. The acquisition closed January 31, 2020 and details were not disclosed.

Fab-Tech, located in Van Buren, Arkansas, is a precision fabrication machine shop that specializes in small parts and assemblies that are custom-built to customer design specifications for both OEM and contract manufacturers serving a wide range of industries.

Their facility is a one-stop-shop incorporating primary processes such as cutting/punching and forming, as well as secondary processes such as welding, hardware installation, powder coating/painting and printing.

FT, Co. LLC was formed through Whiterock Capital, LLC to acquire the assets of Fab-Tech. Whiterock Capital invests in companies involved in manufacturing, distribution and business services. Whiterock also owns Precision Metal Manufacturing.

Generational Equity Executive Managing Director of M&A – Central Region, Michael Goss, and his team, led by Senior Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions Luan Ly, successfully closed the deal. Senior Managing Director Rick Buchoz established the initial relationship with Fab-Tech.

“The deal happened because both the seller and buyer worked diligently together. As the deal progressed, it was even more evident of the tremendous opportunities both sides presented,” said Ly.

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