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Established Discount Building Materials & Supply Retailer


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Northeastern U.S.

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Fred Zweifel

(972) 232-1109


This 20+ year old Company specializes in selling residential/ commercial building materials at discount prices. The Company buys and sells close-outs and sources supplies direct from manufacturers, which has continued to allow them to compete successfully with big box building material supply companies. The Company serves the local homebuilder and renovation market, including commercial contractors and retail homeowners. Over the past 10 years, sales have rapidly increased despite the lack of a formal sales and marketing program. Sales are primarily doors (30% of 2018 sales), cabinets (30%), plumbing products (20%), and other – including hardware and miscellaneous tools (20%). The Company operates out of two connecting facilities comprised of approximately 166,000 square feet of retail space.

Superior Name and Reputation: The Company has been in business for over 20 years and has built an outstanding reputation in the area.

Diversified Customer Base: Due to the retail nature of the business, no single customer accounted for a material portion of revenue during the historical period. The diversified customer base helps ensure that the Company will not be significantly impacted by the loss of a single account.

Strong EBITDA Growth: EBITDA increased from 13.3% of sales in 2016 to 20.5% in 2018.

Supplier and Customer Relationships: The Company maintains excellent, long-term relationships with customers and vendors.

Critical Mass: With sales over $17 million forecast in 2019 and earnings in excess of $3.5 million, the Company will attract many buyers eager to expand market share or establish a strong foothold in the local market.

Outstanding Growth Opportunities: Many opportunities exist to expand operations, including internet sales, product line expansion, establishing new locations, formal advertising, and fostering new relationships with builder.