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Turn-Key Apartment, Nursing Home, and Student Housing Contractor


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Southern, U.S.

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Andre Farahmandi

(972) 232-1140


The Company is a leading regional general contractor, with a specialty in building apartments, nursing homes, and student housing. The Company is fully turn-key and services include pre-construction (design), construction, and post construction. In the Company’s 40+ years, it’s been responsible for the development of 35,000+ apartment units, spread across the US, equating to $2 billion worth of work. The Company is supported by 28 employees that are distributed among a variety of departments designed to facilitate seamless operations and to maximize asset utility.


Historical Sales Growth: Historical sales have grown from $72,225,000 in 2017 to $84,488,000 in the fiscal year ending December 31, 2019, representing a compound annual growth rate of 8.2%. Historical financials are reviewed.

Strong Earnings: The Company has consistently maintained an EBITDA above $4,500,000, and has reached more than $6,700,000 in the historical period. The average EBITDA margin throughout the historical period was 6.9%

Superior Name and Reputation: The Company’s history of completing a substantial amount of work in its region and throughout the US has translated into significant brand awareness, dependable supplier relationships, and a long tenured employee base.

Safety: The Company takes each employee’s and partner subcontractor’s health seriously, which has led to a great safety rating. The Company’s safety commitment includes holding weekly, documented meetings with all job site employees (including subcontractors).