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Heavy Equipment Business with EBITDA of 9+MM


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Lori Galloway

(949) 679-4583


The Company is a tower crane and licensed elevator contractor, providing hoist and crane rentals and qualified/licensed personnel, both on the job site and in the Company’s service shop. The Company provides maintenance, around the clock repairs, parts supply, equipment delivery, and set-up and take-down for tower cranes and construction hoists. As a licensed elevator contractor, the Company maintains well over one hundred hoists for both the residential and commercial construction markets. During over 35 years in business, the Company has obtained well over 100 hoist units as well as cranes for rent, and developed a service and maintenance program that has helped to revolutionize hoist safety standards. The Company has assembled the best electrical troubleshooting team for both cranes and hoists, and employs heavy duty equipment mechanics and millwrights who are also highly skilled and experienced. Significant Market Share: Due to its longstanding operating history, proven expertise and capabilities, and ownership of about 95% of the hoists in its market, the Company is one of the largest suppliers of construction elevators in North America. Required Licensing a Barrier to Entry: The Company is a licensed elevator contractor with licensed personnel, which allows it to set up cranes and hoists, as well as to perform repairs, rebuilds, and retrofits. Experienced Management Team: The current owners work part-time because they have strong successors in place. The Company’s hoist division manager, crane division manager, and yard manager have been employed by the Company for 25 years each and will provide continuity for new ownership.