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Rapidly Growing Branded Cannabis and Pharmaceutical Packaging Company


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Andre Farahmandi

(972) 232-1140


The Company is an industry leading, one stop shop offering approximately 2,500 packaging and other cannabis related products, including patented and proprietary products, sustainable packaging, and customized branding solutions for customers. The Company serves all areas of the cannabis industry from dispensaries to wholesalers and also services end users. Products are sold throughout the US and internationally, and the Company is focused on continuing to spread its geographic footprint. Business Highlights Patented Products: The Company owns two patents, with additional patents pending, and patent expirations extend well into the future.  Strong Sales/Marketing Efforts: The Company has an organized marketing program that includes a sophisticated web presence, SEO programs, and a dedicated sales force (including a call center and outside sales presence). Substantial 2020 Sales and Earnings Growth: Sales and EBITDA are projected to grow by 40.4% and 326% respectively in 2020. As the Company grows, EBITDA margins are projected to be 15.4% of sales.  Diversified Customer Base Vast Supplier Networks: The largest Customer accounted for 3% of sales and no concentration issues are expected in future years as the Company continues to expand. The Company also has a vast network of domestic and international manufacturers. Reviewed Financials: Financial statements are reviewed by an independent accounting firm.