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Andre Farahmandi

(214) 906-3504


For 40+ years, the Company’s reputation and consistent performance have established it as one of the preeminent automotive parts producers. The Company differentiates itself by continuing to innovate and use modern technology that allows them to implement value-added services and go beyond traditional manufacturing solutions. Business Highlights Strong Sales Growth: Historical sales have grown from approximately $46.9m in 2017 to $61.0m in 2019, representing a compound annual growth rate of 14.0%. The Company continues to focus on growth and strategizes accordingly. Superior Name and Reputation: The Company has provided reliable products and services for more than 40 years and has consistently been scored as either the best or tied for best supplier by its customers. The Company maintains a 100% rate of repeat business from previously engaged customers and is often awarded take over work after another supplier has failed. Established Blue-Chip Clients: The Company provides services to several well established and reputable companies, some of which are publicly traded. Reviewed Financial Statements: The financial statements are reviewed by an outside accounting firm.