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Manufacturer of Toll-Coating Services & Commercialized Nanofiber


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Southeastern U.S.

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Julie Sandoval

(678) 646-6704


The Company is a producer of composite materials using nanofibers and of nanofiber producing equipment for utilization across many industries. The Company brings proprietary coating and enhancements to its customer’s nonwoven products, creating value-add properties. The Company also positions itself alongside customers to tackle production, performance, and cost barriers to market. The Company has designed custom machinery and owns proprietary designs that enables it to maintain a competitive advantage within the industry. The Company offers toll coating services to its customer base in order to convert and deliver nonwoven products to end customers. The Company provides contract manufacturing for roll-to-roll, lamination, and converting processes. The Company’s customer base spans many industries ranging from filtration and paper, pulp, and packaging to pharmaceutical applications. The Company’s revenue is generated from high efficiency air filtration markets (95%), and face mask media/PPE (5%). The Company is well-positioned for continued growth and success. Investment Considerations Proprietary Product Technology: The Company is differentiated from itscompetition with its proprietary nanofiber coating technology. Established Blue-Chip Clients: The Company enjoys relationships withseveral well-established and reputable companies in the industry. Facility and Location: The Company’s strategically located facility willallow management to benefit from additional cost savings overcompetitors due to its proximity to key customers. Recurring Revenue: Pro forma revenues will benefit as the Companycontinues to place additional emphasis on creating a complete modelbased on recurring monthly revenues, which will be created through the“take or pay” model. National and International Reach: The customer base and operations arenational and international in scope, allowing it to service clients whereverthey may be located and easily expand into new geographic markets.