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Southeastern U.S.

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Don Ho

(972) 740-9439


Based in the Southern US, the Subject Company is involved in the design, specification, construction and build-out of automotive dealerships and collision centers, including the sale of specialized tools and equipment, to enhance business profitability and customer service experience. Due to proprietary industry knowledge and manufacturer’s specific requirements, the Company has done work for all major auto manufacturers and has completed hundreds of successful projects, aggregating to over $320+ million in revenue since inception. Additionally, the Subject offers recurring preventative maintenance program and financing options for its clients. The Company’s team of professionals coordinate their experience and expertise with a focused goal: to create a highly efficient facility and improved working environment supplemented with state-of-the-art systems that performs in concert with the facility streamline workflow design. Investment Highlights Highly Reputable Firm: The Company has a superior reputation for its expertise, dependability, exceptional results, and for offering the best in class systems with a totally integrated installation process. As such, the majority of revenue are from repeat business and referrals, some of which from major blue-chip clients and industry leaders. Impressive Financial Run-Rate: The Subject’s current financial performance operated at an impressive revenue run-rate of approximately $30+ million and with EBITDA averaging approximately $4.0+ million from 2017 to Projected 2022. As of January 2021, the Subject has a backlog of over $37+ million of projects and $75+ million in prospects. Turnkey Solution: The Company is an innovator and the first business of its kind to provide a true "turn-key" solution to the automotive industry for design, systems specification and installation along with project management.