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Stephen Crisham

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The Company designs, manufactures, and integrates electrical and process control systems for water, wastewater, transportation, power, lighting, and renewable energy applications. The Company delivers comprehensive, end-to-end electrical power distribution equipment and process control systems, from initial assessment and system design, to manufacturing, programming, and commissioning. Manufacturing capabilities include fabricating, assembling, wiring, and testing all electrical and control systems equipment. The Company has completed over tens of thousands of projects and hundreds of SCADA systems installations throughout the USA. With its design-build philosophy and offices in nine states, the Company works closely with partners and clients to provide the optimum solution. Investment Considerations Dominant Market Position: This nearly 50-year-old Company is one of North America’s largest control system integrators focused on the water, wastewater, and renewable energy sectors. Its focus on design build projects enhances the operational and financial efficiency of every project and delivers feature-rich control systems. Recent Geographic Expansion Successfully Undertaken: The Company has a proven track record of opening offices in high growth markets. In addition to its 130,000 square-foot headquarters, the Company has 13 satellite offices which facilitated its expansion from $40 million in revenue in 2012 to $100 million in 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 12%. Strong Client Relationships: Evidence of tight-knit client relationships is reflected in the 95% rate of repeat business. Many of the clients are blue-chip electric and utility companies, and are often signed for multiple long-term contracts, putting the Company in a position for guaranteed cash flow many years into the future. The Company has over 500 active client accounts and no single client represents 10% or more of total revenue. Healthy Project Backlog: As of December 2020, the Company possesses a backlog of approximately $140 million in remaining revenue under contract. The Company is on the verge of another period of strong growth and, along with standard bid projects, is positioned to win several large private negotiated contracts over the next few years. Tremendous Growth Opportunities: The Company has proven operating systems and experienced managers in place to continue opening satellite offices in targeted geographic markets; to expand its design-build client base; to acquire complementary businesses; and to branch out to tangential markets, such as power generation and manufacturing.