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Western U.S.

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Cole Preston

(949) 209-8744


Founded five decades ago, the Company is a full-service commercial plumbing and site utility contractor located in Southern California. The Company’s customers include schools, government, military, and commercial accounts. Management has excellent relationships with key general contractors and wins a high percentage of the projects it bids. Plumbing and piping services consist of equipment installations for water, sewer, fire, storm, and gas, which collectively generate 60% of revenue. Site utilities services generate the remaining 40% of revenue and cover wet utilities that run from the street to the building. These systems include site storm drains, sewer, and water systems. The Company operates in a strong geographic market, benefiting from projects driven by new storm drain regulations, the passage of a number of school bonds, and its proximity to a major naval hub. In addition, the Company experiences very little turnover as a result of excellent training, competitive compensation, and an outstanding company culture.