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Full-Service Commercial Snow, Ice & Landscaping Service Company

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Mid-Atlantic U.S.

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Doug Smith

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The Company is an award-winning, nationally-recognized, professional snow, ice, and landscape management services firm serving the commercial sector primarily within a major metropolitan area in the Mid-Atlantic US. It specializes in snow plowing, snow and ice management, and commercial landscape maintenance services. The Company’s client mix consists of industrial/distribution (35% of 2020 sales), Class A office (25%), healthcare (15%), and aviation (15%) clients, among others (10%). It currently has over 100 active clients and typically services approximately 120 properties per year. The Company operates from a commercial facility, which features office, indoor, and outdoor yard space, as well as a fixed asset base comprised of vehicles, specialized snow removal equipment, and other items. It is staffed by a mix of full-time employees and a loyal base of subcontractors. Investment Considerations High Repeat Business from Existing Clients: The Company has developed excellent relationships with existing clients, which account for a large amount of repeat business from year-to-year. As such, it maintainsan excellent client retention rating. Additionally, the Company maintains a strong client satisfaction ratingper its year-end survey results. Minimal Ownership Dependency: The Company has a strong and experienced team in place which is capable of running the daily operations without the owners’ involvement. Strong Portfolio with Rising Sales and Profitability: Over the past three years, the Company has focusedprimarily on acquiring high-quality and highly sought-after clients. This has resulted in developing a book ofbusiness that values safety and service over low-cost, therefore leading to higher margins. Easy-To-Replicate, Standardized Growth Formula: The Company has developed a scalable business modelthat is easily repeatable and operationally sound. Its use of multi-year contracts along with various contractstructures provides downside protection during low snowfall seasons along with upside potential in heavysnowfall seasons.