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Frederick Zweifel

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As an Omni-channel logistics and order fulfillment firm located in a fast growing regional transportation hub, the Company utilizes a top-of-the-line, extremely accurate picking and packing system. The system is ideal for the Company’s clients who have high variability between products and therefore require many stock keeping units to be tracked throughout the warehouse. This capability allows the Company to take on just about any e-commerce or wholesale client given the speed and accuracy with which the Company can operate, and also allows the Company to offer highly customized solutions for clients with complex product lines. The Company’s top customers represent apparel, health and beauty, paper goods, and consumer goods markets both domestically and abroad. Investment Considerations: Loyal Customer Base: The Company’s established customer base of 25 active accounts is a strong asset that contributes to stability, and presents opportunities for revenue growth. Typically all revenue is generated from the same loyal e-commerce and wholesale clients year after year. High Caliber and Long Tenured Staff: The Company fosters a workplace where extremely experienced and talented personnel are able to thrive and grow, and therefore remain long term. Low turnover allows the Company to retain the most skilled and experienced personnel in the industry.  Significant Room for Expansion: The Company’s 418,000 square-foot warehouse and fulfillment center operates at around 60% of capacity and is located in a fast growing regional fulfillment, distribution, and transportation hub for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Adapting to COVID: Amid the economic shutdown induced by COVID-19, the Company played its part by adapting to fulfill and ship goods that were required by essential industries, such as specialty apparel for first responders and healthcare professionals, food and agricultural necessities, and many other in-demand goods. Strong Revenue Growth: Despite the global pandemic, historical sales grew 11.2% compounded annually from 2018 to 2020 and are projected to increase a staggering 43.9% in 2021. The Company has contracts that extend over multiple years, offering consistent recurring revenue streams that bolster the bottom line.