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Highly Recognized Gun and Ammunition Manufacturer


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Southeastern U.S.

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Andre Farahmandi

(972) 232-1140


Well known manufacturer and importer of modern sporting guns and ammunition. The Company holds multiple patents and has developed relationships with overseas manufacturers and suppliers that enable it to provide quality products that have continued to meet demand, leading to explosive growth and recognition by gun enthusiasts that have spread substantial word of mouth and brand loyalty in short order. BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS Brand Awareness and Loyalty: The Company has been recognized by gun enthusiasts as a fun and cool sporting and home defense gun, with the brand awareness spreading dramatically within a year and a half. These gun enthusiasts are loyal to brands and tend to purchase multiple guns within a specific brand and stay committed to ammunition that pairs best. This alone is expected to be a key reason for future growth and sustainability. Strong Historical Sales Growth: Historical sales have grown rapidly from $1,204,000 in 2018 to $24,380,000 in 2020, representing a 350.0% CAGR. Modest Ongoing Capital Investment Requirements: To support pro forma growth, only modest capital investment of $5,000 is required annually, indexed for company growth. Patented Products: Owns five patents with expirations well into the future, allowing for new designs.