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Cole Preston

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This stand-out acquisition opportunity is for a highly profitable, fullservice provider of car wash, auto detailing, and automotive repair services. Automotive services accounted for majority of the Company’s revenues, with the remainder generated from the car wash. The Company’s automotive maintenance repair services include oil changes, brakes, fuel injection, air- conditioning, suspension, smog inspection repair, computer diagnostics, transmission, tire rotation, tune-ups, and shocks struts replacement. The Company caters to both retail and commercial customers. Operating for many decades, the Company has gained a reputation for its high quality of service and has grown over the years as a result, including through the global pandemic. The Company has developed an exceptional model that can be replicated for geographic expansion in other cities. Investment Considerations: Superior Name and Reputation: The Company has a strong reputation for its focus on customer service, and multi-faceted automotive offerings (car wash, detailing, lube and maintenance, and repair). Its reputation resulted in several “Best of City” awards over several years, including in 2021, and an exhaustive list of repeat corporate client accounts. Streamlined Processes and Roll-up Opportunity: The Company has the potential of capitalizing on its well- eveloped processes to operate new locations in the county and in other cities. Additionally, management has built a solid platform to act as a base for a roll-up strategy in the space (across all service lines). High Rate of Repeat Customers: The Company’s database is comprised of thousands of customers, a majority of which are repeat business. In particular, the Company experiences high retention from corporate customers based on the high level of service provided and from the Company’s central location. Historical Revenue Growth: The Company’s revenue increased from $2.6 million in 2018 to $3.4 million in 2020, a compound annual growth rate of 14.3%. Success is driven by access to key customers, vendor relationships, effective quality control, technical competence, and an outstanding reputation. Profitable Operations: Over the historical period, EBITDA margins have grown at a CAGR of 39%, as a result of management’s implementation of operational processes and efficiencies. The Company anticipates continuing to realize modest margin expansion over the projection period.