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Northeastern U.S.

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Ahmad Behjati

(203) 716-1185


Founded in the late ‘60s and headquartered in the Northeast, the Company manufactures high-precision aerospace engine components for the military and commercial markets. The Company serves its customers under long-term agreements (LTA), with current contract options extending through 2028. The LTA guarantees 100% of market share on over 80% of parts covered by the agreement. The Company’s diverse engineering, programming and machining capabilities allow it to supply a wide range of part types and satisfy customer requests on special-order work. The Company produces complex machined brackets and bearing assemblies, linkage arms, actuator parts, all types of housings, seal assemblies, and simple parts like bushings, covers, and flanges. The Company also has a proven track record of re-engineering parts thanks to an exceptionally talented quality, engineering, and programming team, and the many four/five-axis milling machines that enable them to use more efficient production methods. The Company continually wins work with higher-than-average profit margins thanks to its immaculate delivery and quality record with its customers. INVESTMENT APPEAL: High Precision Capabilities. The Company’s ability to machine complex contours to tight tolerances, consistently and without defect, differentiates it from competitors. The Company also specializes in re-engineering parts that are typically made by casting or forging, by hogging them out of solid bar. Requiring a high level of engineering and programming skill that most other manufacturers lack and allowing the Company to capture improved margins while lowering costs to their customers. Highest Quality Ratings. The Company consistently scores near perfect on Delivery Quality Reports from Customers and adheres to AS9100D/ISO9001 for Quality Management Systems. This commitment to quality is seen in the deep customer relationships that span many decades and are built on a level of trust and reliance on the Company’s consistent level of excellence. High Operational Efficiency. Few Companies operate as efficiently when dealing with large OEMs. Management tightly controls internal costs through select bidding, strategic production run scheduling, and efficient material management. This efficiency is reflected in the internal scrap rate of just 1% vs an industry average of over 5%. Advanced Equipment Technology. The Company has a diverse range of premium machinery that allows it to turn and mill parts in a single operation including many that have 4 and 5 axis capabilities that reduce set up and production times. The Company also runs SiemensNX and Mastercam software to optimize programs and tool paths, saving cycle time and increasing cutter life. The facility’s process planning and fixture design allow the Company to machine multiple features with minimal downtime. Significant Growth Opportunities. An investment in robotics will increase production and reduce the dependency on labor. Dedicating a marketing team to reach out to other Tier-1 manufacturers and establish relationships can accelerate the growth by broadening distribution across existing and new customer markets, extending the OEM parts range, and utilizing the significant existing infrastructure to accelerate growth. Additional organic growth is also expected to continue 2022 and beyond as the company responds to and wins new bid opportunities.