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Nydia Blanco

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The Company is a collection of multiple branded entities that deliver targeted, customized, and highly creative marketing, sales, media, event services and merchandise to Fortune 500 customers throughout the US. The innovative Company is in one of the hottest US markets and focuses on fostering meaningful experiences and relationships with prospects, customers and team members. This approach improves the overall customer experience, instills emotional connections with brands and sets their clients apart from the market. The Company is also launching a subscription based storefront merchandise platform in 2022. Business Highlights Comprehensive, Full-Service Agency: The Company’s multiple brands include agency, software, lifestyle and entertainment and businessservices. Their diverse in-house capabilities are designed to provide clients with a one-stop solution for marketing and creative products,event planning, promotional products, and software/merchandise platforms. Embedded Employees: Much of the Company’s workforce is embedded with their customers marketing and sales teams. These closeconnections and relationships enable the Company to become an integral part of the customer’s sales environment, leading to incrediblysticky relationships with its customers and an almost perfect history of customer retention. Growing and Highly Profitable Nice Business: Despite the chilling effect of Covid 19 on the industry and overall economy, the Companymanaged to minimize revenue declines in 2020 and improve margins. During the historical period sales grew by a CAGR of 4.8% and EBITDAmargins averaged 13.6%. With a current 2022 pre-bookings of over $25 million, the Company is expecting over 50% sales growth and EBITDAmargins of nearly 20% in 2022.