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Plastic & Products Marketing Acquired By Individual Investor

Plastic & Products


Jan 2017



An entrepreneur with a background in manufacturing recently acquired Plastic & Products Marketing, a Generational Equity client. The deal closed on Jan. 31, 2017.

Plastic & Products Marketing, based in Ocala, Florida, was founded in 1986. The company designs and manufactures custom display cases, racks and dispensers for convenience stores and coffee companies across the nation. The company also supplies custom logo decals for in-store branding and directions.

Ms. Boykin will continue her involvement with the company as an adviser and owner of the factory building.

Generational Equity Managing Director Julie Sandoval and her team, headed by trusted affiliate Richard Estrin, and Vice President Mark Breheny, led the deal to a successful close.

“We feel very fortunate to work closely with Julie and Mark on this successful transaction,” Mr. Estrin said. “We were also lucky to have a wonderful client like Lynne Boykin to work for, and we are very pleased we found a highly qualified buyer for the business that she had run so successfully by herself for years.”

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