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Northeastern U.S.

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Chris Wolf

(469) 828-2790


Our Client is a third-party logistics provider offering customized transportation solutions to customers across the globe. The Company has made significant investments in technology, metric-tracking capabilities, and operational/financial reporting systems to position it at a competitive advantage. In the last three years, the Company has expanded its operations beyond asset-heavy freight to service its fast-growing and higher margin import/export freight forwarding, brokerage, and warehousing and intermodal divisions. Business Highlights: In 2019, the Company took a concerted effort to expand its market share beyond the Oil Gas industry. The Company invested to handle transportation across the freight landscape and increase revenue from less asset-intensive services. It now handles logistics in numerous industries. In January 2018, nearly 80% of all revenue was generated from the Company’s top-ten customers. In January 2022, that number was less than 50%. The Company has also invested in critical data analytics software and personnel which allows its to see trends in data on a weekly, daily and hourly basis. The Company has established performance-based bonuses to each employee based on hitting KPIs, and those KPIs are established each year to ensure maximum productivity for the employee's division, and each division that the employee works alongside. This culture has increased employee satisfaction and retention.